2021…to Infinity and Beyond

2021…to Infinity and Beyond

Well all, I know I’ve been silent for a while and that was not intentional, but life just got in the way of me posting. Which I am going to endeavor to change, and get back on track with regular updates again.

So things went nuts for the month of December because of all the normal craziness of the holidays but in addition I actually changed jobs at Microsoft and was lucky enough to be able to move over to the engineering side of Microsoft. Which marked the achievement of a dream of mine, and with that came a lot of things, but I am now working on many excited new projects.

But I wanted to make sure to talk about the approach I have with regard to 2021 and moving forward. As I took some time over the past month, to reflect on 2020, the year was definitely one for the books. 2020 can be summarized as a bit chaotic of a year, and above all it marks a pretty radical change in the world, as things I’m not convinced will ever go back 100% to the way they were before.

And how I know there is no shortage of posts, blogs, memes, videos, and etc that talked about the dumpster fire that 2020 was. I prefer to use this as a time to look back at good things that have happened.

2020 in a lot of ways I think showed the strength and resiliency of the human spirit and the fact that when we pull together we can accomplish quite a lot. And also this year marked the realization for me of what it takes to enjoy life and what values drive me and define success for my life. And also how much I learned and continue to learn moving forward.

So while 2020 was a year of sacrifice, I want to focus on the positive and those were the following:

  • More time spent with my family.
  • Built a strong core group of friends around a game I really enjoy.
  • Learned and grew more as a creative this year, and really boosted the belief in my ability to create things in this world.
  • I got to work with some truly amazing people who are building solutions that are changing the world and making the world a better place.
  • I learned a new programming language (Python)
  • I’ve learned more about the values that define success for me.
  • I’ve watch my kids grow, and their minds grow in ways, and I am convinced in the future they will be WAY smarter than I ever was.
  • I reconnected with old friends, and found myself becoming part of a community that I had moved out of long ago.
  • I made new professional friends who are amazing.
  • I read a lot of really amazing books that opened my eyes to what is possible (Infinite Game, absolutely amazing).

So for 2021, I really look forward to the opportunity to grow and learn further, to find new ways to push the envelope and innovate, and to embrace the amazing life with a family I am lucky to have. For those who read this blog regularly, I hope 2021 turns out to be an amazing year for you of learning and growth, and “May the force be with you.”, and ultimately I look back on all of this, and I think it was said best on the best new show of 2020.

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